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Sulaimania steel factory

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Sulaimaniyah Steel Company was established to produce rebar in 2013 and the Yaqub group has the biggest share in this factory.
And whole productions are sold through its sole agent Yaaqoub Trading Company.
In 2015, after amazing work, with cooperation of all technical departments, the plant had been starting with a production capacity of 600 tons daily.
So we had been able to contribute in development of the industrial sector in our country and the preservation of the environment by removing the steel scraper and offering job opportunities. Now we have employees around 300- 350 persons and outside company from 600 to 650 persons to collect and transport the scrap.
Our products are high quality with size (8mm, 10mm,12mm, 16mm,18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm).

Our Vision
Be the first in Iraq in rebar production with high quality and customers demand with best acceptable price.
Our mission
First stage for 5 years
1- High quality production
2- To reach 192000 annual production.
3- Produce a rebar with costumer demand.
Second stage for next 5 years
1- Increase the annual production by 50%.
2- Coverage the local market with customer's demand
Our values
Integrity at work, the customer is always right, preserving the environment


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