About us

The company dates back to 1978 in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

It was initially known as theYaaqub Office for trading of Building Materials (steel rebar and Cement) and it was owned by Mr. Yaaqub Rasheed Arif.
From the beginning it was an active agent of both the Sarchnar Cement and Taslouja Cement factories.
The office was registered as a limited trading company of steel, cement and general transport in 1995 in the companies section in Iraqi government
After that, our group of companies expanded and increased their activities in the field of production and services. At the present time, our group moving forward to achieve all goals in time limit.
The Yaaqub group companies continues searching new opportunities and progress, develop its fields, and increase its services, and plan for expansion and progress in international trading.

Values of the yaaqub group companies and believe in:
* Honesty.
* Respect.
* Customer service.
* Use the latest technology at work.
* Searching new ideas for establishing businesses and companies.
* Reconstruction
*Preserving the environment.

To be the best and pioneer in Steel production In Iraq with a international standard and specifications that meet the needs of customers at an acceptable.

1- Expansion of the local market.
2- Find a new markets
3- Innovation and establishment of factories for products not available in the local market.


Yaaqub group company
60 Street beside kobany bridge
Sulymaniya city Iraq